Colin Archer Yachts for Sale.
In Norway and abroad. Updated 21th April 2015


39' Modern Colin Archer “GOLLUM” for sale.

"GOLLUM" for sale - Good condition, ready to sail.

Lying near Lübeck, Germany – German flag

Built 1984
by Colin-Yachts Juelsminde
Colin Archer 47' rescue boat RS 22 Vardø 1909,
scaled down and modified by the Stockholm CA Club in 1976

LOD 11.85 m (39')
Beam 4.20 m, Draft 1.90 m Displacement 15 tons. Sail area
100 m2 (w Genoa).

Material:  GRP hull.  - Deck is plywood with GRP and Teak.

See more "GOLLUM" detalils here.


39' Colin Archer “EOS” for sale.

Lying south Portugal/Spain – Dutch flag

Risør skøyte designed & built by
K. Christensen & Co. at Moen, Risør, Norway in 1932.

LOD 11.95 m (39') Beam 4.50 m, Draft 1.90 m.

Completely restored and refitted by present owners in Holland and re-launched in 2000.

New lower price: See more “EOS” details and price here.


If you have a boat to sell and would like to have it advertised here,
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If you want to look for Colin Archers in Norway:

Look at this Norwegian Internet site:

and write  “Colin Archer” in the search (Søk) box.
Try also “seilskoyte” in the search box.

Be aware of that to most countries you will have to pay your countries VAT.
This also applies to all Europe as Norway is not a part of EU.


Advice on boats for sale
If you want, I can give you advice on the boats you are interested in.
I can also give advice on boats advertised outside Norway.

I can see quite a bit from the photos in the ad, maybe I know the design, and maybe the boat,
and can judge the boats sailing abilities and condition.
And contact the seller for further information and ask the right questions.
And you might need translation of the Norwegian ads.
All will be on commercial basis, 1 €
(euro) pr minute, phone or mail.
If you want survey this costs 600 euro + travel expenses 0,5 euro pr. km.


If you want my help to find boats:

If you don’t want to look on the ads yourself,
I can look for boats of the size and type you want and mail you information and photos.
This will be on commercial basis.
3 months or at least 5 boats costs 500,- euro.
When a boat is bought, a sales fee of 15€ pr foot applies.
If you want survey this costs 600 euro + travel expenses 0,5 euro pr. km.
 If you want me to make contract and arrange safe payment and ownership transfer, this will be charged separately.


If you want to have Colin Archer design:

Look at my page on design:  ColinArcherPlans.html


Double-enders was the typical workboats and yachts in southern Norway a hundred years ago.
Colin Archer was one of many boatbuilders of these types of boats.
Colin Archer introduced ballastkeel to the double-enders which thus became superior to his competitors.
Apart from that, not much differed between Colin Archer's boats and many other good boatyards.

Colin Archer became very famous because he designed the rescueboats
that were capable of sailing in any gale and rescue other boats.
He was also very famous amongst the pilots as his boats were very manoeuvrable
and won most races the pilots held in the summertime.

Colin Archer also designed yachts and his boats were amongst the best in the races in both light air and strong winds.
His yachts are of lighter displacement and much narrower than the pilotboats or rescueboats.

 Most “Colin Archers” on the marked today are not designed or built by Colin Archer,
but are referred to as Colin Archer's, especially outside Scandinavia.
In Norway they are called "skøyte" or "seilskøyte".
However, they can be just as good boats even not a true CA.
Most builders adopted Colin Archer’s improvements
and modified designs today can be almost equivalent to an original CA.

Since the 1960/70's, there have been built many “CA's”, both in wood, grp and concrete.
Unfortunately, many of the boats are not to well built or planned.
Most boats, even if yard built, have been sold as bare hulls and fitted out by the owner. So be careful before you buy!



Sold boats.

54' TUVA – Sold May 2014 See TUVA details here.
33' Colin Archer sold July 2012 See 33' details here

47’ Colin Archer ”Fayance” - Sold Dec. 2011.
43' Colin Archer Ketch in Sweden Sold 15 oct-2002 for 2.000.000,- Swedish kr. ex vat. See info and pictures.
35' Colin Archer Ketch in Oslo Sold 1 oct 2002 for 500.000,-. Norw. kr.
35' Colin Archer cutter in Netherlands. Risør built 1980 to boatyards design. Sold nov 2002 for 500.000,- kr.
37' Colin Archer Cutter in Stavanger. Built in Risør1984. Good sailer with underrcut forefoot and cast iron ballastkeel. Sold for 490.000,- kr.
39’ Colin Archer EJDERN. Sold May 2006. See info.
42’ Colin Archer ODIN. Sold May 2006. See info.


If you have a boat to sell and would like to have it advertised here,
you can get information and prices here.


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