Colin Archer Yachts, Gaff Rig and Wooden Boats

Welcome to my home pages in English.

My life has very much been devoted to
sailing, living on, restoring, building and designing
Colin Archers
and other wooden boats.
I will therefore here on my home pages, tell you a little about this.


Colin Archer's for sale

My designs and rigging plans

Original Colin Archer's: Built and still sailing

Colin Archer Plans
Updated 18/1- 2012.

Experience Risør Wooden Boat Festival onboard the Colin Archer rescueboat "Risør II".

Curriculum Vita

"Christiania" wrecked and salvaged


Risør Wooden Boat Festival

The Colin Archer Club in Norway - SSCA

Colin Archer by Jack Vogelaar


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Later may follow:
What is a Colin Archer
Sailing a Colin Archer
RS 14 "Stavanger", history
"Stavanger" to the Caribeen in 1949/50
"Stavanger" to the Caribeen in 1987/88
Sailing 49' Colin Archer "Mendrugo" (ex "Carmen")
and more ?!

 Jeppe Jul Nielsen

Wooden Boat Designer & Surveyor
Address: Tyriveien 1 - 4950 Risør, Norway
Tlp +47 3715 3144
Mob +47 9077 8929
Email: colin.archer(at)
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