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These pages are written in Norwegian, but is fairly easy to understand for English speaking.

Here is a small dictionary for words you might not understand:

Bygget = Built
Eier = Owner
Forlist = Wrecked
Innredning = Interior
Hekk / en = Counter / the
Kutter = C
ounter stern (often plumb/straight stem)
Skøyte = Double ender
Losbåt = Pilot boat
Redningsskøyte = Rescue boat
Lystbåt = Yacht
Sjekte = Small double ender, open or halfdecker
Skrog / et =
Hull / the

Please ask for any other words you need to have translated.

If you own or know of a Colin Archer that is not on my list, please let me know.

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I have now also made a list  of all boats that Colin Archer built and the boats that he designed for other yards.
This list I believe is near complete. However, you will see that for most boats, fate are unknown. So if you have any information on a boat, please let me know.

List of all Colin Archer's Boats and Designs

Updated 16.12.2001

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