Jeppe Jul Nielsen

Tyriveien 1 - 4950 Risør, Norway
Tlp +47 3715 3144 Fax +47 3715 0104 Mob +47 9077 8929

Curriculum Vitae

Risør sept 2005

Name: Jeppe Jul Nielsen. Date of birth: May 2, 1953. Nasjonality: Norwegian

 Education and industrial experiance:

1972: A-levels; Nadderud Gymnasium, Bærum, Oslo.
1973: Welding Course, Bærum,
1974-76: Yacht & Boat Design Course; Southampton College of Technology
1976-79: Freelance design and rigging.
1976/77: Prawn trawling on 48’ fishing boat in the winter time.
1979-93: Founder and part owner (25%) of Risør Trebåtbyggeri a/s.
1993: Freelance Wooden Boat Designer, Consultant and Surveyor.

Risør Trebåtbyggeri
is a boatyard especially for wooden boats. We started as 4 owners and later also taking employees, usually a total staff of 8.
I have worked as manager, designer and worker. Management: In two periods, 1979-81 & 1988-92.
Design work: I have been the yards designer on both restoration and new boats.

Designed and Built:

32' Colin Archer Type, "Tora"
32' Fishing Boat, Prawn Trawler, "Luro"
38' Colin Archer Type, "Bautur"
40' Passenger "Pirateship", "Klara", built to
Kristiansand Dyrepark
42' Colin Archer Type, "Frøya"
49' Colin Archer Type, "Carmen"

Other Designs Built:

28' West System Daysailer/Motorboat, "Utsteinsnekka" - Birger Kullman / Yran Design
46' Clipper Ketch, William Garden Design

Major Restorations:

8mR "Glæden" 1943: Some new laminated Frames & Floors, Toatlly Refastened, New; Keelbolts, Deck, Rudder, Engine, Tanks, Paint and Varnishwork.
9mR "Unni" 1938: New deck           
12mR "Eileen" 1938: New: Stainless Floors, New Wood Keel & Keelbolts, Splineglued old Planking, 10 new planks, Deck Recaulcking, Paint and Varnishwork
12mR "Danseuse" 1911: Frames, Planking, New Deck arrangement, Deckhouse, Skylights, New Interior, Paint and Varnishwork.
1981-33' Colin Archer "Kristin" built 1905: Lead ballastkeel, Strengtened Frames.
1993-35' Colin Archer "Losen" built 1932: Lead ballastkeel, Strengtened Frames.
1986-43' Colin Archer "Ryvingen" built 1910: Extensively Rebuild: Frames, Planking, Interior, Cockpit

Rigging made:

32' Colin Archer "Træna"
34' Colin Archer "Fram"
35' Colin Archer "Sonwaeter"
35' Clipper Schooner "Columbine"
37' Colin Archer "Frithjof"
38' Colin Archer "Fenris"
42' Colin Archer "Lista"
49' Colin Archer "Ty"
49' Colin Archer "Mendrugo"
58' Colin Archer "Wywern"
75' Gaff Schooner, "Sjøspeider'n". Design and fittings.
82' Baltic Trader Gaff Ketch, "Mira". Design and consult.

+ several rigg designs

Other Experiance:

I am the owner of a 47' Colin Archer Rescueboat from 1901. This boat was bought by my father in 1939. Thus I have been brought up with handling, maintaining and rebuilding wooden boats.

I sailed my boat to Carebeen in 1987-88.


Risør Trebåtbyggeri a/s & Norwegian Wooden Boatbuilders Assosiation; Ole Jacob Broch

Norwegian Maritime Museeum; Johan Kloster;

Norwegian Inspectorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings; Fredik Dennecke;

Royal Norwegian Yacht Club, Peter Brandt

David Cox; Naval Architect & Surveyer, Falmouth

Tom Cunliffe; Marine Author, Sailor, England

Peter G. Stembrigde, Naval Architect / Surveyor, Droxford, Hampshire

Meade A. Gougeon, West System Epoxy, USA

Mattew P. Murphy, WoodenBoat Magazine, USA

Stainley Rosenfield, Marine Fotografer, USA


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